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Ridiculously Easy Reusable Verismo Pods

February 3, 2013

I love my new Verismo machine, but I cannot stand spending $1.00 a pod (2 pods a drink). I guess that is why I have been obsessing about making my pods reusable. In fact, I made my pods reusable with a complex, time-consuming process you can read about here if you have time to waste. If not, I had my aha (or duh) moment this morning, and figured out the easiest, cheapest possible way to reuse Verismo pods, and it only takes about 10 seconds.

Here goes. Cut the plastic off of an existing pod. Loosely fill with espresso (or coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate). Wrap top in aluminum foil.

That’s it! I’ve included some pictures below, but it is super easy, and it saves you a friggin’ dollar per pod! You’re welcome.

UPDATE: If you over-fill or pack the esspresso in too tight, the pod won’t allow water through, and will flood your machine. So make sure you are loosely filling your pod!






If that isn’t enough, you can view my YouTube video for a tutorial.

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  1. Suzanne permalink

    Love your aha or duh moment! So simple. I have been trying to figure this one out since I got my Verismo for Christmas. Thanks!

  2. James permalink

    Looks great. Any problem with breaks?

    • Thanks, James! No real problems. You do want to make sure you push it all the way down when you’re putting the pod in as the foil makes it a bit thicker. As long as it’s in position before you push the lever down you really shouldn’t encounter a problem with your machine. I have had to push the pod to release it after use, but I’ve had to do that with the original pod as well. Feel free to email me or comment with any problems.

  3. Suzanne permalink

    Unfortunately, I tried it this past weekend and it exploded in the machine. I was worried that I had broken the Verismo because it was clogged but after running clean water through it the machine is now working. I am a little apprehensive about trying it again. I wonder if the weight of the foil could make a difference? What is the weight of the foil you used?

    • So sorry, Suzanne! I am just using plain old Reynolds Wrap, and I have been doing this twice a day every day for two weeks. I did post a video, and you can see the link, but I’m really not doing anything special. I guess I do make sure the foil is tight to the top, though. Please let me know if you figure out the reason, I certainly don’t want anybody’s machine to stop working. Again, so sorry!

    • Suzanne, I finally recreated what you were talking about! I over-filled and packed the esspresso in, and the pod wouldn’t allow water through, so it flooded my machine. So, just make sure you loosely fill your pod before putting on the foil.

  4. Kelly permalink

    Thank you soo much for this ! I am going to attempt this tomorrow . Have you ever thought if trying that press and seal stuff ?? What’s your thoughts on using that ? Thanks a million for the tips again !

    • Thanks so much for your comment! The press and seal would probably not stick very well onto the pods. The only way I got the plastic to work was to use wax paper with it and I sealed it with an iron (if you go to “Reusing Your Snack Containers” you will see an example). It was much easier with the foil! Let me know how it works for you!

      • Suzanne George permalink

        Brandi, I took your advise and tried it again with less coffee in the pod and it worked great. This weekend while at the store I bought press and seal cling wrap and it is working fine. It sticks great and since it is not as thick it fits into the machine better. I also bought some dry to use in t
        he milk pods. Haven’t worked out the ratio on the milk pods yet, but am hoping I can figure it out.

      • Awesome! So glad you got it to work for you! Good to know about the press and seal, I’ll include it in my post! Let me know what you work out on the milk pods. Thanks again for your improvements!

  5. Amy Johnson permalink

    Thank you!!! I’ve been so annoyed with the price tag on these pods and the frequent trips back to Starbucks. Thanks!

  6. Suzanne permalink

    So I finally tried the dry milk in the milk pods. It works good but the taste is not the same. Not bad just different.

  7. eddy permalink

    This does not work. The shot is way lighter than expected. In fact, it’s lighter than drip coffee. Thanks for trying but we need a better solution to this problem.

    • So sorry it’s not working for you! Adjusting the amount or type of espresso you’re using may help. Although, I absolutely, whole-heartedly agree! We do need someone to make a refillable pod! I will be the first in line!

      • Den Standiford permalink

        To all regarding “reusable” verismo coffee pods:
        BUY the reusable screen-mesh pod at Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond, or order online ! They have had a reusable “K-cup” pod for over a year now. And they have recently come out with the Verismo reusable pod.
        Additionally, I would encourage ALL OF US pod coffee drinkers to write Starbucks and demand they make them available at all Starbuck stores !!
        If Starbucks is in fact a GREEN company that says they want what’s best for this earth and its customers, than this solution would benefit both. FAR LESS waste with non-biodegradable pods AND make it FAR less expensive for its customers to use their Verismo machines and enjoy more Starbucks coffee. Lets see if they listen to us and lets see how long it takes for them to start selling them in their stores !!!

      • Debbie permalink

        I would like to know the name of the reusable verismo coffee pods that Den Standiford was talking about at Staples or Bed,bath and beyond or online, haven’t seen them yet. Thanks

    • biddyg permalink

      eddy, it could also be the type of grin on the coffee you’re using…although I haven’t tried this method, I had considered it even before seeing this post, but I’ve worked for Starbucks before, so I know the right grind for the machine being used is helpful in making a great cup of coffee. I had read somewhere else that a fine grind works better in these types of one cup machines…again I haven’t tested it, so I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.

  8. John permalink


    I was excited to try this and just bought a bag of Starbucks Espresso roast, foil, and press and seal. I tried both methods, and different levels of coffee ranging from a small, medium, and large amount. I was hoping to get a taste that was different than dirty dishwater, but I had no success. A very clever idea, but the taste was just not there for me. Can anyone else comment on the taste? The machine produces some pretty awesome americanos when using the real pods though!

    • Sorry it didn’t work for you John! I can’t imagine what you’re tasting, since you tried both foil and press and seal. I haven’t experienced any weird tastes, but I haven’t tried the Americano. I haven’t heard any other complaints about taste; I’m curious now to see if anyone else is having difference in taste.

      • John permalink

        Really? Ok I’m going to give it another shot and try again because its a great idea. I can’t understand why it would taste any different either if its the same coffee. Ill let you know.


  9. Thanks so much! We tried your method this weekend, and it was mostly successful — we have to adjust the amount of coffee somewhat, but the basic method WORKS!

  10. That looks like a great idea. I am shopping for a machine for my office. For me, it’s about getting the coffee I want from the farm I want. So thanks for the legwork! What about the milk pods? It seems that to reuse the milk pods would require a specific kind of dry milk?

    • The Verismo milk pods are terrible anyway; I went and bought a milk frother instead (the Aeroccino 3).

  11. David permalink

    I was thinking of the same idea & did a search to see if the “wheel” had already been invented. Glad I came across your idea. In general, the Verismo pods are too small to make more than a small espresso. Wish they had a larger & generic pod so we could all try the endless coffees of the world. I imagine its a matter of time before someone comes out with the “reuseable” pod for the Verismo. Until then, thanks for sharing a great idea!

  12. Leslie permalink

    THANK YOU so much for this!! Got a Verismo for a gift even though I’m not in a position to be able to buy the expensive pods. I bought dry milk and will try that next. YOU, dear lady, are a genius!

  13. I tried regular coffe three times and all of them were very weak and the water from the pod kept running till I lifted the handle…is anyone else experiencing this? Is it that only espresso works? Thanks to all!

    • I think you may have packed the pod a little too full. I would try again with less grounds, and hopefully you’ll have different results. Hope it helps!

    • Erin permalink

      How much grounds do I need to use?! Nobody has said….? Like 2tsps or ??

  14. Duane permalink

    I will try this tomorrow! Thanks forthe idea! Do you line the bottom as well?

    • No need to cover the bottom, just a small piece of foil or press and seal for the top :-)

      • Pat permalink

        I tried this… It works great! I think it is best on an espresso shot … I put a small cut out of a coffee filter in the bottom to not allow grounds to escape. I wonder if the starbucks pods designed for coffee have a different bottom? That might explain the dishwater effect someone reported.

      • kurilane permalink

        Yes, the pods (capsules actually) have different bottoms. Coffee/espresso ones have a filter in bottom and the filter can be in different thickness. The milk and other instant drinks don’t have filters in bottom, because it is only needed to mix the powder with water. The filter and the exit hole make the espresso, since a good brew needs enough pressure. Filter keeps the right pressure in the capsule so you get good coffee with the nice crema on top. Brandi’s method is OK’ish, but not perfect, because the capsule doesn’t get the right inside pressure any more. It’s good if you are out of capsules and really need that coffee in the morning. Otherwise it’s not worth it, capsules are pretty cheap already.

  15. Mike permalink


    Appreciate for sharing.

  16. Tiffany permalink

    Can I reuse the coffee pods? They have a filter on the bottom. Maybe if I cleaned then out and let them dry?

  17. jean permalink

    I just bought this machine. The Starbucks guy said they use a very fine grind in their pods. This could be the “flavor” problem some are having. Since I am not a coffee lover and bought this for guests, after my party I will deconstruct an unused pod and see how to save $$$. Thanks

  18. iql permalink


    This is an awesome tips as my verismo machine just arrived yesterday. have you tried using the verona pods and reuse it again? bottom of the pods, there’s a hole and sort of like a white filter. if i want to reuse it..should i
    1. just do the same method as you did?
    2. do i need to cover the bottom hole as the original it has a small sticker sealed on it?
    3. do i need to remove the white filter in the bottom of the pods?

    Thank you! x

    • Yes, just leave the white filter in the bottom. After about 10-20 uses the bottom hole begins to widen, and that’s when I throw a pod out. I make 1-2 coffees a day and purchase pods about every 2-3 months. Hope this helps!

      • Tiffany permalink

        Don’t worry about my last question, this answers it!!!

      • Dan permalink

        A year later an they still haven’t come out with a reusable pod yet!? Sheesh! Maybe I need to order a 3d printer and make one!

        I have tried this method with limited success. … Taste is never quite right… Really hope someone comes out with one soon! Starbucks wins either way….

  19. Brandi, what a great idea for refilling the Verismo pods using foil or sticky wrap. I bought my niece a Verismo brewer for Christmas as an impulse buy and am furious that the pods are not a universal size like the k-cup and Starbucks does not make a refillable pod like the ones available at Walmart or other stores for around $5.00. If it doesn’t work well, I’ll just keep badgering the folks at Starbucks until they do what’s right and make a refillable pod. It’s ridiculous to be able to buy a pack of 16 Starbucks k-pods at a supermarket or at Walmart for $10 versus a pack of 12 Starbucks Verismo pods for $12. Meanwhile, I tell everyone I know or meet, friends and strangers alike, NOT to buy the Verismo until a refillable pod becomes available.

    Thanks for your great idea!

  20. Jamie permalink

    Check out YouTube vid that explains how to do the same thing only with CBTL pods. They come with two filters, one top one bottom, this seems to permit one to use more espresso hence a stronger drink. Search for how to reuse.espresso capsules. It’s by user withlove…. seems like a better mousetrap due to extra filter. Decreases likelihood of pod opening up inside machine, makes better stronger espresso.

  21. Den Standiford, I would be interested to hear back from you with a brand name for the reusable pods you claim to have seen at Bed Bath & Beyond. I looked at ALL of the pods they sell on their website, and none appear to be Verismo-compatible. It would be ideal to have someone make reusable pods for the Verismo, but no one does, and the technology described here on this blog is the best solution I’ve seen yet. I don’t think Starbucks really cares what any of us demand, and frankly, my hunch is that they are soon going to abandon the entire Verismo market, anyway. No one wants a machine that doesn’t use K-cups, like every single other machine on the market! Anyway, if you could tell us EXACTLY what we are looking for at BB&B, the brand name at least, that would be really helpful!

    • Debbie permalink

      Can anyone put a link here of exactly which reusable pd feom Bed, Bath & Beyond, or Staoles, works? Thank you

  22. Julie Liranzo permalink

    Came home from work& MY HUSBAND had replaced our broken coffee maker with the Verisimo, the fam had already tried 3 apeice and with my 2 that was an frigin 8 dollars! FGI and you saved the day, super simple and now it won’t be returned – Thank-you “you’re welcome”

  23. Rhoda permalink

    Thank you, I’ve been scanning the web for months looking for a refillable pod, now I know, they don’t make one. What a disappointment! I’ll try your solution temporarily, but I agree with Amy, I won’t be suggesting this product to anyone else until they come out with a refillable pod. I believe in protecting the environment any way I can and throwing away 2-3 of these a day is plain stupid!

  24. I bought this coffee machine too & w/ the Espresso pods I have hit the espresso button twice to see how much more I could get out of the pod…… Not bad but a little deluted as expected but I still do it because I’ve always like a Dbl shot in the morn. & I’m spending too much going back to Starbucks for more pods. I will have to try the reusable method u have come up with. The dbl pull of the reg. coffee pod does not wrk as well as for the espresso pods, it’s too watered down.

  25. kat permalink

    Before using aluminum foil as a safe lid check out the toxicity of aluminum used this way. No need to add any more heavy metal toxins voluntarily to your body.

  26. CJ Wilson permalink

    Is there an easy way to clean one of the original pods? It’s so time consuming just getting all the spent coffee grounds out. and quite messy

  27. I just ordered my machine, however my sister in law owns the Verismo and refills pods using Illy dark roast espresso grind. LOVES it and can do a double shot with this one. I love illy myself so will use this! She does fill to the top but has had no issues. She also uses the My-cap seals. I am curious about refilling the CBTL pods as well. I understand a lot of people do this with great results.

  28. looptoot permalink

    My sister in law has great success with this method. She uses illy dark roast espresso and caps with the my-cap sticky foils. I plan to try this when my machine arrives. Do you feel using espresso grind works better than a drip grind would? What grind do you use for coffee? Also have you ever repacked a CBTL pod?

  29. Janice permalink

    Hi! Thank you for sharing your revelation with us! Also, loved hearing the little “kiddie” noises in the background. So sweet….☺

  30. Jim K. permalink

    I see that now you can buy foil tops to reuse Verismo pods. I make my own with sticky foil tape.

  31. Jim K. permalink

    Remember this Verismo machine uses 248 degrees of steam at 275 psi of high pressure. Be careful because “blow outs” can occur with aluminum foil. I regrind Starbucks Pike Place to fine if you have a coffee grinder it helps & don’t pack, only fill pods 3/4 of the way. Jamacan blue moutain next?

  32. Jim K. permalink

    (Blue *mountain, sorry.) Sweetened or un-sweetened Pet or Carnation canned condensed milk is great too. My old man was onto something.

  33. been refilling as described but find coffer grounds are being blown in the dispenser nozzle… is there a filter medium you use on the bottom of the pod before loading the coffee??? cheers cw

  34. Michelle R permalink

    I would like to second the suggestion of the CBTL or Caffitaly pods with the dual filters. I use heavy duty aluminum foil and have not had any problems. As for the milk pods, I have found a dry whole milk powder, called Nido Fortificada, that is infinitely better than dry skim milk. I don’t bother trying to fill a pod, rather, I pour 6 oz of hot water in my cup and 1 tablespoon of the milk powder and froth it with my Aerolatte wand. I brew my espresso right into the milk. Yum!

  35. Debbie permalink

    Didn’t work for me. I use my pods more than once and it exploded. I did like you said not to put much coffee in the pod. First was to watery, tried again with more expresso but still loose and came out good, but I always hit the button more than once so I did and it exploded. I always do with Verismo pods some times 3 times. Thats 3 shots. Sorry it was nice idea but to weak coffee came out. I used starbucks Expresso for expresso machine too.

  36. Anna permalink

    I tried this refilling trick and it worked great for awhile then ka-chunk!!! Things came to a grinding halt, the front blew off and squirted hot coffee on me. Ouch. For me and the machine. Has anyone else had this happen?

    Not sure what I did but after reading these posts maybe I had too much coffee in the pod? Maybe my foil edge was too thick? I put the front back on, ran some water through it but it is still not working correctly. :(

    It seems to be punching a hole in the bottom of the brewed filter (that little white circle on the bottom comes out with an X on it) AND grinds are getting through into my coffee so I know it’s not working properly…..

    Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone taken their machine apart to see how it all works inside? I’m wondering if there is something I can adjust that will get it to stop puncturing the brewed pod (yes, I am selecting the correct button- the one that has always worked until now). The water flow seems to be OK but something is wrong with the ‘grips’ that hold the bottom of the pod in place.

  37. I have been reusing the cbtl pods in Verissmo machine as they are the right size. At first, I was refilling them using both bottom and top plastic filters (that come in their pods), then cover with foil. What I recently discovered is that one doesn’t need the foil. It works fine without. Not a grind escapes. Very simple.

  38. whit f permalink

    My handle keeps popping up when i close it (and if it doesn’t then),when I hit the espresso button. We’ve tried putting less espresso in it, more espresso in to, less foil on the top, more foil on the top.. Almost every time now.

  39. well, i think for me, i only use one pod per 16 oz. coffee. and $1 per cup sounds like a great deal. add about ..10 or 15 cents for the amount of DD extra extra creamer, and i have a fantastically cheap perfectly brewed cup of coffee. the reuse tip is much appreciated, but i think i’ll stick with a one time use per pod and less mess.

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