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Reuse Your Snack Containers or Verismo Pods

January 29, 2013

Update: for a super-easy reusable pod click here!

One of my many “resolutions” this year is to be less wasteful. I buy a grande Starbucks drink every day – definitely wasteful! In my crusade to reduce waste, I bought a Verismo from Starbucks. Before I bought this awesome machine, I did ask the barista if there were reusable cups, to which he said no. Of course, what I should have done is walk out, go to Target, and buy an espresso machine. Less waste, right? Yeah, I didn’t do that. I mean this thing can make anything on the Starbucks menu!

Plus, I just knew in my heart, that I would bring my contraption home, show it to my innovative husband, and he would say, “Of course I can make you a reusable pod, let me drop everything for the next 15 minutes, and I’ll just whip that right up for you, My Love.” That didn’t happen, either. He pretty much considered it for two and a half seconds, and said, “Nope. Why don’t you just buy an espresso machine?” This man, my husband, turned a shop vac into a steam cleaner, added new buttons and all, and he can’t make my pod?!

At this point, there was no freaking way I was turning back! I knew it could be done. Challenge accepted! So, after a full morning of trial and error, I came up with a method that works. See below with pictures and instructions. I will say, it is a bit too much trouble to do every day, but I did make the darn thing reusable! I found that saving the empties and filling them all at once also helps, since most of the time spent is getting out materials and setting up a station to work. Also, the method turned out to be a great solution in food storage. I can store soups, meals, or snacks in small one bowl servings to freeze or store in the pantry. Any type of plastic cup (yogurt, margarine, etc.) can be used as an on-the-go throw-away snack cup.


Wax or freezer paper
Plastic wrap
Plastic containers


Fill your container with soup, snacks, or whatever you have decided to store. If you’re storing anything liquid, you’ll want to leave some room at the top so it doesn’t mess up the seal between the plastics, about a 1/2 ” or so should be enough. Trim a square piece of plastic wrap slightly bigger than your container and place on container, making sure all edges are covered.


Then, trim a square piece of wax or freezer paper slightly bigger than your container, and place on top of plastic wrap shiny side down, taking care not to move the plastic wrap in the process.


Set iron to cotton or highest setting. Hold freezer paper in place, and iron each area for approximately 5-8 seconds. Please keep away from your fingers!


You should see plastic wrap begin to curl at the edges.


Now you can trim the edges and label with a permanent marker (if desired).


For the Verismo pods, use a knife to trim off top plastic, fill pod with espresso level with top edge, and follow instructions as above. Just be careful not to get espresso trapped between the plastic wrap and the cup. Even if you choose not to do this all the time, it might prove useful if you’re in a pinch and don’t have many pods left.




Containers can be used again and again, reducing waste and allowing you to store anything in small, useable portions. This method is a great way to reuse old containers to fill with health snacks for field trips, store individual freezer meals, or reuse your old pods.

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    I just use foil wrap. Fold over edges. Works great. Refill cups over and again.

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  3. How many times do you think you can reuse a single Verisimo pod? And there seems to be a filter in the bottom of the pod, does that hold up or does it need to be removed and be replaced?

  4. How many times do you think you can reuse a verisimo pod? and there is some kind of filter in there, should i remove and/or replace it?

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